Millennial View's Business Client Focus

Did you know that Millennials will comprise approximately 75% of the workforce by 2025? Begin growing and cultivating your millennial workforce now. Millennial Views can help your business attract and retain the best millennial candidates with your future in mind. We work within the following industries:

Manual Labor/Trade Skill




Information Technology




Our Mission-Bridging the gap

The world is changing. The way both employees and consumer interact with companies is vastly different than even ten years ago. At Millennial View, we understand these changes and want to help your businesses stay ahead of the curve. Empowering and engaging young people will set your business up for success both now and in the future. At Millennial View, we dive deep into your processes and assess your current management and marketing strategies to better position your business for the incoming millennial employee and consumer.  Our assessment of the current Values, Interests, Environment, and Work-Life balance of your employees and customers allow us to create crucial strategies to help guide your business in the coming years. The world is changing. Change with it or the opportunity to grow and prosper might just pass you by.

The Millennial View consulting process will help businesses utilize the talents of Millennials while integrating corporate goals and employee goals.”
— Huffington Post Magazine

DID you know?

•    Retention is crucial to your bottom line. Current studies show that depending on the industry, one millennial employee leaving their position in a company can cost a business more than $25,000.


•    Millennials aren’t just poor college kids anymore. By 2020 the millennial generation will control close to $24 trillion dollars of the US economy. If you aren’t marketing to this segment of the population, you're missing a tremendous opportunity.


•    The millennial population is the most diverse in the nation.  The way younger generations understand and interpret brands vary based on many socioeconomic factors. Without proper guidance, many businesses spend far too much money for far too little insight about how they should interact with young consumers.