The Movie Industry's Savior: Millennials

Author: Blake Hodges

In our last post, we saw that the movie industry is dying due to studios forcing unoriginal remakes into our hometown theaters. However, cue the epic movie music because the millennials are here to turn this around.

Movie studios are about to awaken to a nightmare: their audience is shifting. Millennials will start to spend $200 billion annually in 2017. Since studios are going to have to start making movies that millennials will purchase, they are going to have to change their movie making strategy. While there are enough moviegoers to continue the slew of unoriginal remakes coming temporarily, movie studios are going to need to shift focus to the millennial demographic.

Since they will have to focus on the millennial demographic soon, they will be changing what they produce. First, they will have to halt all the remakes. Millennials demand for fresh, original content. There is a reason why traditional television is tumbling down the growth curve while Youtube continues to rise. Secondly, millennials demand for authentic, new characters. Movies have been riddled with unoriginal characters that carry the same clichés as all the others that came before them. Movie studios will now have to shift their focus.

The generation that thrives on traveling to new places won’t be okay with old movies and old character types. The future of movies comes down to one of two options. Either movie studios realize the shift in purchasing power and adjust, or they continue on with remakes that will eventually lead to cinema’s demise.