A millennial view of Pixel

The internet has been a buzz from Google releasing the Pixel phone. Our Chief Content Creator Blake Hodges interviewed his friend Heather Porter to get a millennial's opinion on this new phone. 




1. What phones did you own before? 

I was never able to find a phone durable enough for my hobbies, so I have had a lot of different phones. I started with the original galaxy and then went through the iPhone 4, 5c, 5s, and 6s.


2. How did your phones normally meet their end?

I would drop them on concrete, run them over with a bike or a skateboard. All accidently of course!


3. How much did Google's Pixel cost? 

All of the phone companies are shifting to a monthly plan rather than a full payment the day of purchase. The Pixel was $27.00 dollars a month for 24 months.


4. Have you tried using the assistant function and do you like it?  

It is like Siri on steroids. I like being able to say hey Google. It also lets your play games. All I have to do is say, “I want to play a trivia game, say the number of players, and it’ll generate the questions.” I’m not a fan of the clock app. If you want to set an alarm, I suggest you use Google assistant rather than doing it through the app.


5. What are the security features like?

It feels very futuristic because it has facial recognition. I just hold the phone up to my face and slide up. There is also a pointer finger reader on the back. I also enjoy the added Google drive security. When I pull up Google drive on a computer, I automatically get a text asking if I should allow the login.


6. Google is claiming their camera is much better than any other smartphone. How true do you feel this is? 

The camera is better but its something you have to see to fully understand. When you zoom in on a photo you’ve taken, the image is still clear. I’ve really enjoyed the quality of the photos but it does store photos differently, so it takes some learning to figure out where your photos are stored on the phone.


7. Does the battery really charge in fifteen minutes and last 7hr and 45min?

It will say if it is charging rapidly. The phone has an adaptor to convert a USB into a USC. The USC is smaller and enables the phone to charge as fast as it does. I can confirm that it does charge like Google claims.


8. Have you used the unlimited storage yet by uploading into the cloud?

 I haven’t used it yet since I just bought the phone. While I do take alot of photos, I haven't filled up my storage just yet. What I can say though is that it is like having Apple cloud space.


9. How do you feel about the thickness of the phone? 

Honestly, it freaked me out during the beginning. I have had a case on my iPhones so this was a big jump. I’ve gotten use to it though and it makes me feel like an adult for some reason.


10. You never had a phone case? Maybe that is why you broke so many?

 That is one theory.


11. Have any final thoughts on it?  

It feels as if all the technology we have seen our entire lives has been compiled into one phone. I feel like Phil from the Future with the facial scanning software. I like it better than my Iphone because it moves faster, has more storage, and transferring from an iPhone to an Android phone is much easier than I thought. There is an app that does it for you.